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Jason Polinski

The 3D team have been working for years to keep you, and your children safe. Our now patented system will save lives. Now here is a snapshot of me...

Over 27 years of diversified law enforcement experience ranging from patrol officer to lieutenant. Created, implemented, and supervised several innovative police initiatives. Received the Medal of Merit for researching, creating, and training thousands of first responders and employees in active shooter response. Tirelessly worked with schools to make lock-down drills more practical and real.

Awarded the 2015 Friend of Education Award by District 194 for continued dedication to education and training that aided in creating safe learning environments.

Bachelor’s degree in criminology and Sociology and a Master of Public Administration degree with an emphasis in Law Enforcement.

Snapshot of experience:

Patrol Officer
Field Training Officer
Union Stewart
School Resource Officer
Initiated Active Shooter response to school staff and police in 2003
Patrol Sergeant
Undercover Narcotics Team Leader
Street Crimes Supervisor
Mental Health Officer and Supervisor
Active Shooter Lead Instructor
Conflict Resolution Team operator and supervisor
Drug Task Force Task Board
Mental Health Task Board
SRO Leadership Team
Probation LE Liaison
Investigative Lt.
Operations Lt.
Patrol Lt.

128: Retooling Our Response to Active Shooters

March 30, 2023

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