Officer Wellness

Great conversation with Shaun and Chris about the wellness initiative in Ohio and the importance of taking care of our First Responders. Great opportunity to share what we are doing here and also highlight the partnerships with agencies and even other states. Very important to share with our communities the amazing and excellent work being done by American Law Enforcement. Thank you for the invite! Steve Click

Great topic amd very timely

Thank you for bringing this topic to the forefront. As communities continue to see school violence and homides increase, political lines continue to remove SRO's from schools. This will only increase the number of childen and staff members that are murdered in our schools. What are we doing? Truely sad!

Opposing False Narratives

Chris, Scott & Shaun are doing such important work with the 3 Cops Talk podcast. Humanizing the badge and countering all the false narratives out there could not be more important in this time of incredible divisiveness. Keep up the great work boys, we appreciate you! Wilk ~ Derate The Hate podcast

Important Counter to all the False Narratives

Chris, Scott & Shaun are doing such important work with the 3 Cops Talk podcast. Humanizing the badge and countering all the false narratives out there could not be more important in this time of incredible divisiveness. Keep up the great work boys, we appreciate you! Wilk ~ Derate The Hate podcast


An entertaining and real look at Law Enforcement in the US. These guys take a look at tough issues facing cops today - yet do it in a fun, down to earth way that everyone can relate to. Great podcast!

Partners N Crime

Love the content that you guys are pushing out to the world. Keep up the good work it’s very encouraging to hear you guys and to hear the knowledge that you guys bring. Thanks❤️

Educational and Awesome

This podcast should be heard by everyone. Especially those who can’t tell fact from fiction when it comes to police and civilians. These guys are truly trying to make a difference. They should all run for office. Must listen!!!!

Love it

Great wide variety of topics, very knowledgeable. Enjoy waiting to see who will be the next guest on the show. Highly recommend!

Awesome podcast

These guys are funny, engaging, informed, and genuine. We need more cops like them to go out there and have the hard conversations the lead to better police-community relationships. As a POC, I deeply appreciate what they’re doing!


Fascinating podcast. These guys do a great job.

Great listen

The conversation is so informational, yet fun to listen to. Great guys with lots of experience!

Must Listen!

Great people. Great conversations. Great quality!

Covers Both Sides With True Content

The hosts of the show keep this on point and holds both sides accountable for their actions. They speak honest true dialogue!!!

Tremendous Content.

This is a must listen. Nothing I can say will give this the credit it deserves, you must listen.

Perfect Timing

This is on point honest and speaks to both sides!! Must hear.

Absolutely Outstanding

Outstanding group of officers giving a realistic view from both sides of the aisle. We need more officers like these three

The Real Deal

This trio has put together a show that needs to be heard by everyone. The hosts bring a reality that will bridge the gap between police and civilians.

Outstanding Show

Outstanding show with real knowledge given out in layman’s terms. Can’t say enough goood things!!!!! Must listen.

Love the podcast

One of my favorites to listen to, amazing podcast.


Great show guys! This is a must listen show for cops by cops!

5 Star Podcast

The insight you guys give is amazing! There’s so many people that really need to hear this information and get a better understanding of what law enforcement is about. You all do a wonderful job of explaining these ideas through decades of experience and knowledge. I’m so happy you guys are working to spread this information and your voices to the world. Thank you for your service! I give it 5 stars for sure.

Great show!

These guys are discussing important topics in a way that makes you feel like you are all sitting together having coffee.


Enjoy listening to these guys. They are all down to earth and honest. Good sense of humor also keeps it upbeat and informative at the same time.

On Point

These guys are on point with the reality of both sides of the current situation our world is in at this time. They will truly make a difference.

Unbelievable dialogue

This podcast was very informational and intriguing. The cops brought a good perspective to a lot of issues and topics that needed to be discussed. Very entertaining and these are the cops I hope to see more of in the world. Give it a listen!


Excellent insight, enjoyable and informative

Engaging and Solid Truth

This podcast is the solid truth of what is expected and seen from all points of view.

These guys are getting it right

As a former police officer, I’d say this is what community policing should have been all along. These officers genuinely care about making their profession better. They are professional, engaging and entertaining, which makes for an easy listen.

Top Notch Content

This podcast has great truthful honest content. Every episode is a must listen!!

Finally A Show to Build

This is the only show which I have heard that actually wants to speak the truth from both sides. After speaking the truth they want to truly find a resolution.

The Podcast that we need!

This podcast gets right to the issues, something that this country needs the most currently. As a young man and one going into law enforcement career; there are a lot of life lessons that can be learned from this pod cast. This podcast also helps my family understand the career path better and in general other things that surround this career. I believe that this podcast is a wonderful listen for anyone, to give a deeper understanding of law enforcement and tips to keep them and their family’s safe!

My new favorite show!

These guys are great, showing a personal side to police work and talking about everyday interactions with the public

Awesome podcast!

Great podcast! Loved hearing the different perspectives about the current world of policing! Very genuine and insightful conversations!

Love these guys!

These are excellent. Down to earth normal guys easy to relate to.

Engaging and informative

This is a must listen. The guys talk about important topics that concern us all.

Wonderful show

I listened to these discussions and found them interesting and informative. These officers sound dedicated to their life’s work. I feel to hear their side is extremely important. We appreciate their dedication to truly serve and protect

Great show

This is amazing

Bridging the Gap

With so much mis information about what we do as police officers, this series explains the why, how and when of police protocols. These Officers are very professional and exhibit our culture to the masses. This is a start of healing our nation....communication and training. Well Done.

Best Podcast Ever

If you like cops, and you like podcasts, boy is this the one for you!

Great show

Enjoy listening to these guys and very informative

Top notch!

One of the best podcasts I’ve listened to, hands down! Only one of two podcasts that I actively look for the next episode. You can tell these LEO’s are the real deal. The camaraderie between these three is palpable. They are actively working to break down the wall and give you a peak into the other side through education and conventional conversations. It seems the sky is the limit for these three and 3 Cops Talk. Keep it up!!

Awesome Show

Awesome Show!! This show is perfect for the times we are currently in as a society. This show opened my eyes as a black female in the city as to how I can help mend our society. This is a must listen.

Much Needed

This is a much needed podcast. The content dispels myths about contacts between police and civilians. It also explains expectations on both sides during encounters.

Awesome listen

Very good for all ages. I believe it’s very important for everyone to listen to this podcast. Amazing job and keep up the good works💪🏼

Highly recommend

I really enjoy listening to this podcast and look forward to the new episodes each week. The three cops are very informative and give the inside scoop on a variety of topics. I highly recommend!

A different approach

Provides useful information that you can’t get anywhere else, especially these days. The hosts are realistic about the current state of police and public relations in the America. Worth the listen

3 cops

Insightful. A great “walk-a-mile-in-our-shoes” perspective for civilians. Honest about needing a change in culture and training. Great anecdotes from all 3 that help engage listener and understand process they go through on stops. Topical and important given the current climate.


The hosts talk about tough subjects that need to be addressed in these tough times. Great discussions and debates. Looking forward to future episodes.

Honest and To The Point

These 3 are finally talking about what people need to hear. They do it with 100% truth and with the hopes of bringing civilians and police together.

Super engaging

Really knowledgeable guys talking about really fascinating topics- not to mention so much stuff that everyone should know about the world of law enforcement.

A great show for the times

Open and honest conversations about the current state of law enforcement and society. Discussions that can lead to better things- worth the listen.

Great listen

Great podcast!! Good to hear a different views of all types of scenarios and ideas!

A Law Enforcement Podcast For the Community

These are the discussions that society has been telling everyone we need to have. If communities are going to get better then the conversation needs to start at the community level. Great podcast!

Great listen and hope for all

This podcast is exactly what this society needs as we close out 2020. I enjoy listening each week and am amazed but how informative this is. Being in college currently with the hopes of working in law enforcement, listening to this podcast is just what I need. Hearing their experiences and advice proves to me that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life!


Every episode gets better!! Very relative to today and audiences of all age will love it!! Informative and engaging, love listening to it!!! Always looking forward to the next one👮🏼‍♂️


Very interesting and educational podcast! A lot of interesting topics and good information shared. A good viewpoint that a lot of people don’t get to hear. 10/10 recommend listening and learning!

Inspiring and Insightful

Direct content with much relevance. All involved are well spoken and very knowledgeable. This is good material! Keep it up...

Good Insight Great Content

The three hosts are extremely knowledgeable and bring a common sense approach to bring the civilian world and police world together.

The Real Deal

It’s really cool to hear behind the scenes and the thought process behind the decisions made. Good listen!

Real deal and a great angle

Engaging and interesting podcast. Authentic, honest, direct and balanced. All involved have a good sense of humor about their profession, while also clearly passionate about their work—especially about doing their jobs well. Great balance in point of view and not defensive or reactive about where policing stands at this moment. The moderator is top notch and all three officers are articulate and engaging—it’s a genuine conversation happening about guys who genuinely care about the profession as a calling. Each officers narrative sets up and support the show, especially the fact that two of the officers talk about starting their careers in their 30’s. Brought much more of a civilian influenced mindset, in a way. I was bummed when it ended because it flew by—surest sign that these folks are on to something and it is something worth engaging with.