Good Insight Great Content

The three hosts are extremely knowledgeable and bring a common sense approach to bring the civilian world and police world together.

The Real Deal

It’s really cool to hear behind the scenes and the thought process behind the decisions made. Good listen!

Real deal and a great angle

Engaging and interesting podcast. Authentic, honest, direct and balanced. All involved have a good sense of humor about their profession, while also clearly passionate about their work—especially about doing their jobs well. Great balance in point of view and not defensive or reactive about where policing stands at this moment. The moderator is top notch and all three officers are articulate and engaging—it’s a genuine conversation happening about guys who genuinely care about the profession as a calling. Each officers narrative sets up and support the show, especially the fact that two of the officers talk about starting their careers in their 30’s. Brought much more of a civilian influenced mindset, in a way. I was bummed when it ended because it flew by—surest sign that these folks are on to something and it is something worth engaging with.