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Laurie White

Author. Speaker. Retired Sgt (Royal Canadian Mounted Police)

I am a retired Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer who was shot on duty in 1998 in Kitimat, B.C. while attempting to execute a warrant on a suspected sex offender. My injury was so severe that my lower right leg was amputated and I was subsequently diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Only ten months after my amputation, I made a successful and unprecedented returned to full, unrestricted policing duties.

My shooting was high profile in the Canadian media and I have been honoured to receive several awards, including the prestigious Governor General's Meritorious Service Medal as well as the Medal of Valour from the international Association of Women Police.

I retired in January 2020 and a year ago I released my memoir called "10-33 An Officer Down Steps Back Up." In it, I reflect on my career, my life experiences and lessons learned - the ups, the downs, the frustrations, the joys. While my story began as one of trauma, grief and loss, it evolved into one of resilience, growth and hope. For me, it is quite literally about taking life one step at a time.

Resiliency & Wellness Special Guest

95: An Officer Down Steps Back Up with Sergeant Laurie White (ret.) of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Sept. 22, 2022

On this week’s episode, Scott and Shaun are joined by retired Royal Canadian Mounted Police Sergeant, Laurie White, to discuss her biographical book, 10-33, An Officer Down Steps Back Up. Laurie covers her journey to and thr…

Guest: Laurie White