Sept. 1, 2022

92: Unfair to Elections with Deputy Director Chris Harvey of the Georgia POST Council

92: Unfair to Elections with Deputy Director Chris Harvey of the Georgia POST Council

On this episode, the guys speak with long time law enforcement professional, Chris Harvey of the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council, about his unique experiences as the former Elections Director of the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office. 

Chris explains the path he took to effectively serve in a position that put him in the middle the electoral process that helped to determine the winner of one of the most contentious presidential elections in our nation’s history. 

He also discusses how misinformation and falsehoods regarding the electoral process, often peddled by the candidates and their proxies, can undermine safe and fair elections for everyone that participates in one of the founding principles of a free and democratic society. 

Similar to many of the falsehoods and conspiracy theories that surround policing, the U.S. electoral process may also be receiving an unfair assessment by those that broker in division. 

Chris HarveyProfile Photo

Chris Harvey

Deputy Executive Director, Ga P.O.S.T.

There is no easy way to summarize a career spent in public service ranging from being a high school teacher to a street cop to working Homicide, to being a Chief at two agencies, and then shifting into a completely different field (elections) in a state that would become the epicenter of the elections controversy world right after I started.
In mid-2021, I returned to my roots in law enforcement and I now have the opportunity to work for the betterment and increased professionalism of peace officers in Georgia.
In every instance, I found the strength to persevere and succeed through teamwork, faith, and a begrudging, half-hearted search for humility.
I was often not the ideal to respond to the challenges that came my way, but I never backed down or made excuses, and I found ways to succeed through hard work and sacrifice. I have been blessed to have been surrounded by good people who have worked alongside me and pushed me to be better than I was capable of being by myself.
The Stoic Epictetus perhaps best summed up my career best when he wrote this centuries ago, "For this is your business--to act well the given part, but to choose it belongs to Another."