Aug. 18, 2022

90: A Journey from Victim to Survivor with Jen Lee of the I Need Blue Podcast

90: A Journey from Victim to Survivor with Jen Lee of the I Need Blue Podcast

Scott and Shaun meet with Jen Lee, the host of the I Need Blue Podcast to discuss how she turned a physically and emotionally stressful experience as the victim of a violent crime into an opportunity become an empowered survivor.  Jen provides us the details of the incident, its aftermath and how she has effectively coped with overcoming it. She also discusses how uses this event to show appreciation for the First Responders that assisted her and to provide hope and direction to anyone that may have experienced trauma. 


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Jennifer Lee

I Need Blue

Jen Lee
A Survivor's Story

Jennifer Lee is the creator and host of the “I Need Blue” podcast that she started in May 2020 based on her experience of surviving an armed robbery and abduction. As a result, Jen decided to start a platform for other survivors of life events to share their stories. For some, sharing becomes part of their healing journey.

Jen partners with local, national, and international organizations and non-profits to put a spotlight on the ways they help others. It is her way of giving back to her community, and it provides resources for those listening who may not know where to go or what to do.

When asked, "Jen how did you escape?" She replied, "We didn't. We were rescued by law enforcement." I Need Blue also focuses on the unique traumas faced by first responders.

Jen is passionate about creating space for survivors where they feel they: Belong, are Loved, Understood and Empowered! (BLUE) 😊