May 12, 2022

78: “Hopecasting” with Rachel Flick

78:  “Hopecasting” with Rachel Flick

On this episode, Scott and Shaun welcome to 3CT, mother, widowed police wife, writer, counselor and fellow podcast host, Rachel Flick. Rachel discusses her on-going inspirational journey through grief and emotional growth due to the loss of her husband, Deputy Sheriff Micah Flick of the El Paso County, Colorado Sheriff’s Office. Rachel also provides a realistic and frank example of resilience to anyone that has experienced any tragedy or hardship.  

Rachael tragically lost her husband of ten years on February 5, 2018. Deputy Sheriff Micah Flick was killed in the line of duty while attempting to arrest a car thief. Now a young widow with two young children, Rachael is walking through her own journey of grief while challenging others to persevere and triumph through great loss. A professional therapist, Rachael speaks poignantly about the internal transformation necessary to restore a divided nation. Always resilient and able to find humor even in hardship, Rachael weaves hope and laughter into every message.