March 4, 2022

70: The Difficult Conversation of Police Suicide

70: The Difficult Conversation of Police Suicide

On this episode, Scott and Shaun welcome Police Officer Shaun “Sus” Susnis to begin the difficult conversation surrounding police suicide. Sus and the boys discuss some of the conditions both inside and outside of the profession that, in some cases, places police officers at a 60% higher chance of taking their own lives than any other profession. Police Officers also die by their own hands at twice the rate they do by that of violent offenders. In the United States, Police Officers in small to midsize agencies will witness approximately 188 critical incidents during a 20-year career, while the average person only experiences 1 in their lifetime.  

Sus is a cop that comes from a family whose history is steeped in law enforcement, so he understands this problem both historically and from the current conditions that the police face. He offers credible experience, study and advice regarding this often-ignored fixture of the profession. He also discusses some of the more effective tools, such as Peer Support, that are currently being utilized within the profession to help remove the stigma of asking for help.

If you or a police officer that you know needs help with depression, PTS or thoughts of suicide, please visit the following resources:

Guest Bio: Shaun Susnis, is a graduate of two police academies and has achieved the honor of being a top academic recruit.  During his 11 years as a police officer, he has been awarded 3 Life-Saving Awards, 3 Department Commendations, over 80 Honorable Mentions and a Violence Reduction Award. He has also worked in various districts in a major municipality in Illinois, serving in tactical and robbery teams, gang enforcement and as an undercover narcotics investigator. After obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree from Western Illinois University, Shaun is also a Graduate of the University of Chicago, where he received a Master’s Degree in Threat and Response Management. He also serves as the Executive Vice President of Operations for Bastion Emergency Consultants.