Oct. 21, 2021

51: Stereotypes and Myths About Cops!

51: Stereotypes and Myths About Cops!

If you have ever wondered about stereotypes in the police world, this is the episode for you! The boys attempt to address some of the myths and realities of police personalities- and spare no details.  

If you’ve ever asked yourself:

⁃ Why are traffic cops always so stiff? 

⁃ Are SWAT Officers really as cool as they think they are? 

⁃ Do drug cops need all of that facial hair to be legit? 

⁃ Why do Homicide Detectives seem to hate everyone but themselves? 

⁃ Are police dogs actually smarter than their handlers? 


After listening to this episode, you will have the answers to all of these questions and much, much more.