May 28, 2021

30: Why Building Relationships Matters The Most, with Andre Taylor

30: Why Building Relationships Matters The Most, with Andre Taylor

The deadly 2016 shooting of Che Taylor by Seattle Police sparked outrage in the Black community and a level of demand for more police accountability not seen since the deadly shooting of John T. Williams.

 Che Taylor was shot in 2016 during an undercover drug operation in Seattle’s Wedgewood neighborhood. 

Taylor says going through the process and coming through on the other side with justice for his brother is phenomenal.

“Perseverance is important, but probably one of the most important things, what I’ve tried to teach, is that you have to build relationships,” Andre Taylor explained. “That things move through relationships, and not be afraid to have a conversation with somebody that you disagree with. Don’t feel like I have to agree with somebody 100% of the time in order to build.”

“That was the philosophy I used from day one, and we built relationships — even with law enforcement and with politicians — and through those relationships, we were able to get people involved,” he added.

This is a chopped up synopsis of our guests life, the whole article is on line if you want to look.  The conversation was how he built relationships through peace and getting all the right people in the right room to discuss problems and getting them resolved.